Common Root Meeting and Google Drive Skillshare 6/9/16

In attendance: Tracy, Andira (Moderaor), Bob (co-moderator), Larry, Lacey (note-taker), Carra (skillshare leader) and Sammi

– July calendar draft passed around
– Carra leads Google Drive skillshare


-Star City Pride is offering free 5×5 booth space, they will provide one shared table, two chairs and canopy.
•Friday July 8 – 4-8 booth must be open
•Saturday July 9 1-8
•Larry is happy to be there all day on Saturday if needed – but would rather share responsibility with other volunteers.
•We may not distribute food or water
•Jazz may also be able to voluneer – with another couple part time go-po volunteers possibly
•The form is due by June 17th – we may need to have volunteers sign up at the next meeting or online.
•Ideally 3 volunteers, one could pass out flyers and coloring sheets others could work the booth together.
•We need folks to volunteer – Lacey will create online poll and leave the paperwork here at CR

Update – Shea and Sammi went to the LGBTQ leader meeting yesterday
Other orgs represented –
Pat -LGBT Resource Center (UNL)
Ty – Trans* Community Group
NE State Table (new group!)
Abbi – Outlinc
Tyler – ACLU
Plymouth Pride

Fairness ordinace disuccsion – housing, restrooms, work protections, city employees do have protections but they are trying to push it to the contractors who work with the city as well.

People who have discrimination situations need to speak out – contact ACLU for local instances. Even if they don’t want to do law suits, they still want your stories even if you’re not going to persue legal action.

Civic engagement activities – informed voters, signed up voters – email reminders for voters.

Outlinc was encouraging other orgs to be a member of NE State Table – there are dues but they want everyone to be involved, so they may be able to work with your budget – meetings every month or every other month, alternate between Lincoln and Omaha. They want a member from each org. to attend.

Zack Burgen – contact him to setup a meeting and civic engagement (even if you are not a member).
They would have to vote on us becoming a member, if we were interested.

Voter activation network: data mining – we can submit poll items to get info through their network. Biggest problem is voter apathy, they are trying to combat that. They are trying to get the city to demand transition related insurance coverage to get Blue Cross Blue Shield to make these standard for all whom they insure.

Director of Economic Development doesn’t believe people leave this state because of LGBT friendliness or lack thereof. How can we make it more frinedly, inclusive, welcoming – but this director feels “family values” are more of a priority. Call the Office of Economic Development to tell stories of people leaving NE because of discrimination, not feeling comfortable living here, not coming here or visiting.

Outlinc has contact info with all the leaders of GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at all High Schools. 

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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