Common Root Meeting & Social Media Committee 5/7/15

In attendance: Andira, Barbara, Chelsea, Garren, Jeanette, Jen H., Lacey, Mike & Sammi

-Poetry Picnic update – 25 or more people we didn’t know who attended and the same for SP CE – great weather, lovely readings and good food. All around good event.

-Short update on the Vegan Boutique – rain plan, etc.

-June and July calendars –
Chelsea suggests “Wine About It” art therapy – wine and art event. According to Garren, Amy is interested in helping plan it. Coloring pages, bring your own canvases, Lacey and maybe others could bring paints/brushes, supplies, checking on cheap cheap wine bottles from a brewery. 

Lacey updates folks on Dustin’s Edible Wilds Walk – AM in July or August

Baby “so and so’s” poetry fundraiser, probably not until June at the earliest. We will set a date once Arden returns with the baby.

Extra potluck(s) through the month, open to whatever folks want to bring. We also talked about doing food education, talk about how to make recipes, documentaries, inclusive, friendly info, grow your own food info, etc. Looking at Fridays or weekend brunch time frame? Barbara wishes to have one potluck per month at least. Sammi suggests different themes, Andira suggests different folks presenting something at each month. Topics for June – gardening/growing your own food? Barbara suggested having someone lead the conversations.

Jen asks about Game Nights – Fridays don’t work for her, same for Mike. We may consider switching them up month to month.

Treasury – Lacey will write checks to be reimbursed for three amounts and the group would like to discuss having official CR checks in the near future.

CR will reimburse Lacey the following amounts (she will pay by personal check):
$110 – Heartland Pride
$80 – Star City Pride
$59.46 – AAA rents ½ deposit for tables

Agenda for the next meeting:
Calendars: June and July
FFP: Trash/Recycling/Compost
Setting next meetings agenda
BORING: Checks costs / options?

Social Media Committee
In attendance: Andira, Barbara, Chelsea, Lacey, Mike and Sammi 

-Brainstorming Social Media
• Org. page on LinkedIn? Lacey will look into this- Lacey & maybe Barbara? Have interest
• Interest in Pinterest? Barbara has interest in Pinterest – she will create an account and Sammi will be the secondary on that
• Tumbler? Reading people’s stories relating to CR / poetry / articles (things we could parrot in the zine) Tumbler is great for social awareness issues – Chelsea’s going to start a tumbler account with Sammi as a secondary
• Twitter? – Barbara has an account she will pursue, Lacey will create one for herself
• YouTube -GoPo students – play a video in the classrooms of volunteering at CR, interest GoPo students in video production. There will be costs associated with production. Skillshares and presentations would be especially good events to record all or in part. Time limitations – Mike will look into this.
• Facebook – got it!
• Instagram – got it!
• MeetUp? – Barbara will look into the cost

Social media is our virtual blooming garden 

Feedback – larger social media presence generates greater amounts of feedback

Synchronize on all platforms by talking at meetings what we’re promoting presently and prioritizing.

Chelsea has a nice camera we can use that she will retain ownership. Mike also has a video camera we can use as well. We could have multiple cameras and we can edit them together.

Videos to crowdfunding pages.

Call ourselves “Common Root” whenever possible. Alternates when necessary:
Common_Root, CommonRoot, etc.

Andira suggests testimonials for video or asking people questions, people could write them for tumbler, videos could be of others and testimonials could be anonymous or signed.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin