Common Root Meeting & Social Media Committee 4/28/16

Ben (moderator), Mike, Andira, Larry, Bob, Jazz (co-moderator) and Lacey (note-taker) – plus Tammy and Maya later on

-Lincoln Earth Day Followup
–It was great, we made $96 (best sales at Earth Day yet), we had Andira in the “networking” volunteer capacity, less wind (wind break panel worked well) and there were tons of booths and visitors, so it was a success! Magnets did well, key chains also did good (it was their debut). Jazz concludes – a variety of circles is best. Larry suggests maybe we should consider a small giveaway like candy in the future (tootsie rolls and fruitsies were suggested). Andira notes key chain rack rocks (tooting own horn).

-Lincoln Unites – Saturday (10am)
Bob goes over details, rain venue is Bourbon Theater at 1415 O Street, Citizenship Ceremony is in the Visitor Center if it rains. 12-3 booth time. Larry, Bob and Donna will setup booth. We are going to utilize the CR Organizing Group to update volunteers in case of rain and need to new plan. Get our ducks in a row. Ducks like rain.

-Rad Red Poetry Potluck – Saturday
Bring poetry, bring food, rain venue (4th and E) Church. Good food, good poetry. 2-5 PM.

-G2LD Prep
–Overview – Lacey went over details of G2LD
–Social Media blast – Please help spread the word online
–Day-of volunteer opportunities – giant hopscotch (Andira will be volunteering for this Wed May 25th) and Andira would like to do a booth 10-5 (or some time within that) Jazz may be able to help with the booth that day. We need an activity (coloring?), to borrow the canopy. Try to be there over the lunch hour for Jackie Allen and people’s lunch hour.
–Evening reception w/ Outlinc – (maybe other community orgs as well) LQBT+ Nonprofits – 5:30-8 PM at the Cornhusker Hotel (2nd floor lounge) we’ll have a shared table to put our info on. We’ll have a number of CR volunteers. Abby told us to bring our banner. Jazz wants to stage a coup. Bob suggests we tickle people and stage a kitschy-kitschy coup.


-Taking a new group photo! (5m) It took way longer than 5 minutes.

-Website changes (10m)
Jazz is happy to keep correcting functionality on the site, already changed the font to the basic serif font, Toby took the side bar off and added back the donate button and counter, and Ben asks if Jazz can help with audio files on the zine tab of the site (interviews) Andira asks if it can be an embedded player. Jazz promises to use their website admin power responsibly (not for evil). There is a lot of folks who could fix it if something goes wrong on the website. Jazz may be able to fix the Porchfest donate button, too.
VOTE: Jazz may have full permissions on our website. Passed with consensus.

Lacey will make google doc of web updates.

-Keychains (10m) – Bob would like to consider purchasing key chains with CR funds – 100 qty costs 58 cents a piece. They sell fine at $2, should we consider another price? Bob will get back to us price breaks and qtys for key chains. Bob also found a 501c3 deals on the and the offer them on button parts only. There is an online form to fill out if we want to take advantage.

-Treasury $2,527.68 –
-PORCHFEST FUNDS – $88 (SP CE Fundraiser) + $25 (online / individual donations)
-Singer Songwriter Showcase (Black Cat House) Friday, May 20 (Maya brought flyers – we will hang them up!)
-$96 Lincoln Earth Day Booth ($90 from the cash box deposited)
-$23.68 in change (donations)
-$500 coming next week – Lacey’s donation – Equality Press Design Work
-$40 from Pepe’s (art calendar sales)

-Set agenda for the meeting

-BOD – we need to replace Toby, he’s stepping down (30m) All
-Canvassing (large effort) for Porchfest LNK (10m) Maya
-Divine Designs (5m) Mike

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin