Common Root Meeting & Social Media Committee 3/24/16

Members present: Lacey, Chelsea, Andira, Bob, Jazz, Scott, Tammy, Larry, Ben, Heather, Maya.

–New CR Space (Ben)
56th & Highway 2 area. Nothing new to report/difficulty contacting landlord.

–New CR Space (Andira)
35th & Holdrege area. Rent = approx. $2,000 a month. No action taken.

–Radical Red Poetry & Potluck (Andira)
Sunday, April 30th. 2-5pm. Cooper Park in Lincoln. Possible move to Common Root or another venue in event of rain?

–OFTF (Only For The Fly) at Free Saturday (Lacey)
Saturday, April 16th. 2-3:30pm. OFTF will be grilling free food during Free Saturday and will also conduct free drawings. Lacey will consult Marcus from OFTF on the exact nature and time frame of drawings and report back.

–Lincoln Unites (Bob)
Saturday, April 30th. 10am–4pm. Street festival celebrating diversity in Lincoln. Speakers, bands & booths with ethnic foods and demonstrations of inclusiveness. ‘Walk of Unity’ at 10am from 13th & P to Capitol Bldg. & back. A vote of yes for Bob to continue talking to festival organizer’s about the possibility of an official CR presence in the form of a booth, although CR would still need to be invited. Booth rental is free if we’re accepted. A ‘coloring booth’ was mentioned as an easy ‘inclusive’ activity to engage community. Showing up with CR banner/flags, etc., for 10am ‘Walk of Unity’ doesn’t require permission.

Treasury – CR currently has $2,852.99 on hand. (Andira) 

–Porchfest (Maya)
Free/all ages community music festival as conducted in other cities, staged from individual front porches. Everett neighborhood would be the location and would probably be held a Sunday in August from 2-7pm(?). Discussion about using CR’s status as a 501c3 nonprofit as the fundraising hub. Enthusiastic support for the concept with CR members looking into 501c3 rules concerning such fundraising and what the money could be used for as well as contingency plans if the festival doesn’t take place and what could legally be done with donated money.

–Shakedown on South Street (Chelsea & Lacey)
Sunday, May 1, 2016 Noon – Sunset (8:22 pm) 3859 South Street. Free community local art, entertainment and live music event. A vote of yes to spend $25 for a CR booth at this event. Chelsea is interested in volunteering and CR would need additional booth volunteers.

–Tampon Drive (Jazz)
High school collecting tampons and other women’s personal hygiene items to be donated to Friendship Home in Lincoln. A vote of yes for CR to host a collection box for this drive.

Meeting adjourned.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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