Common Root Meeting & Social Media Committee 2/25/16

In attendance: Andira (co-moderator), Azaria, Bob, Chelsea, Lacey (note-taker), Sammi (moderator), Scott, Shea, Tammy

Any followups? Yoga was awesome, it might become a thing

LGBTQA Resource Center UNL- Shea has been dropping off calendars there, and today she did some networking with them. We can send them events to their UNL and community list serve. Shea would like to know what would events we could share with them and offers to be the liason between organizations. We are already part of their brochure.

Events to share: Out of the Ordinary, Dimensions, FFP Organizing Meetings (third Thursdays), Fall For Pride 

Lacey is sending Outlinc updates on all CR events for their community calendar online.

Camera – YouTube and Vlogs – events and skillshares (maybe event online specific ones) – Chelsea reaearched cameras today found a good one for this purpose for $200 – there’s also a top choice of YouTube users that’s a Canon (GX7?) $600 new, $430 used – production value is equivilant to $1000-$2000 versions. Reviews of this Canon are that it’s user-friendly. We are unsure of the software used and audio equipment was $90 at Best Buy when she bought it (unsure of brand). Followup with Mike? Shea suggests lookout for UNL’s liquidation and we may be able to get starter equipment at a lower cost.

Calendars – Finalize March calendar and passed around April calendar.

Earth Day – sign up sheet goes around. Just need one or two more volunteers and we’re covered!

Discussion Group Topics – Shea would like to brainstorm with others on topics for upcoming discussions groups. Larry suggested perhaps the topics are too tame. She wants open discussion and not to brand Common Root in a “raunchy” light. Prior topics – sexuality/identity/labels, Jealousy, a brainstorming month, Sexuality and Spiratuality.
She’s also looking for collaborators, hoping to get more attendees. Ideas?
Azaria suggests not limiting topics in a worry it might offend or give people the wrong idea, Lacey says we’re not censoring topics and this is a safe space to discuss what you’re comforable discussing.

Polyamory may be a future topic. Without attendees it’s hard to ask what people would be interested in discussing. Asexuality – perhaps Sammi or another guest speaker could come and talk from their life experiences to enrich conversation. She does fear that people talking from experiences might get torn down and wants to prevent that but hoping for more interactive. Maybe more activities to get people more involved. Sex toys? Masterbation? (Not a demo!)


Bags – Updates – Environmentally concious materials $4-$5 a piece – organic cotton canvas type bags, fairly durable, many list the weights they can hold. Envirotote – made in the USA, you can buy printed or unprinted bags, 500 qty would get it down to a reasonable price range. $2500. – need clarification on prices (whether it’s for printing and bags, or just bags) 16” x 12” x 6” bags 200-400 $1.38 each, unless that’s just printing price. $35 setup fee. 500 would be $131. Jute, recycled polypropoline and canvas. Sammi hasn’t looked into local printing options.

Azaria mentions making bags, it’s easy. She could get fabric and screen print them. Perhaps people could donate fabric and we could screen print on them. Concerns about how labor intensive, and quality consistancy is a concern. 

Crowd funding – funding levels, bag, button, giveaway – it could be an FFP fundraiser. Azaria brings up doing the a serious crowd funding for a space – this could make it less of a financial burden for us on this event. 

500 qty ? How do we feel about this? This doesn’t need to be FFP specific. FFP would be a good place to sell them, though.

Social Media brainstorming – Recording the skillshares and posting online. Shea would be open to discussion groups online as well. We want to find the balance between creating more interest, sharing skillshares on YouTube and still getting people to attend in person. Teasers could be on the YouTube as well, to direct people to our website. We could give exclusive access to donors, members, subscriptions.

Revisit Discussion Groups – “Sexplanations” – sex acts, will do, might do, won’t do lists. Lacey Green’s YouTube Sex Positive. She’ll also look into TedTalks for more serious topics. Andira also suggests Kate Blaq. Asexuality or graysexuality – Shea will coordinate with Sammi on this. Perhaps two speakers to broaden the perspective. Trans umbrella? Possibly trying out weekday / weekend (day time?) – Queer Fears? Safety? Queereos (heroes), the lesser known “Queereos”

Sammi’s off-topic idea – Pen Pal arrangement with another country where LGBTQ spectrum isn’t supported. Chelsea knows of a website that connects people whose ideology doesn’t align with where they’re living and the site crowd funds on behalf of folks in these situations and gets them out of there.

Sammi – community service / cleanup event 

Set agenda for the next meeting – SMART Aid
• Treasury update?

Shea’s off-topic – She’s legally able to serve alcohol 

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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