Common Root Meeting & SMART Aid Committee 2/4/16

Andira (co-moderator), Azaria, Chelsea (moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Larry, Scott & Tammy

Member meeting recap (10m)
-Azaria didn’t like it – only because we didn’t draw many people over our core members.
-Facebook stopped Lacey from inviting others, not many people invited people but the event was shared
-The space may be holding us back, it’s small and it’s not allowing for growth
-We need a new space and that’s tough with our treasury lower than usual
-Having a larger space means we need sustainable funds, but we need more support from the community to do this
-Grants and crowd funding may be a way to do this, ask for first and last months rent, moving expenses and a couple extra months rent. We’re look into buying rather than renting a space.
-Crowd funding promotion – Free Saturdays – Chelsea would like to hold these more than once a month.
-Kitchen space would be ideal for skillshares, Food Not Bombs, different interests

-Calendar draft (5m) Lacey
-Azaria will remind Ryan to fill out event facilitator contract online. He may be interested in hosting more Yoga events at the space 

-Upcoming committee meetings (15m)
-We need a collective property committee meeting – we can sell / give away items we aren’t using.
-Mike will check with Carra – Google docs skillshare in March

-Lacey brought the Volunteer Interest Form draft and got good feedback! Lacey will make the edits suggested.

-Andira wants to make edits to SMART Aid chart from the past meeting and is meeting regularly with Gretchen to talk about community action portal.

-We have the box of financial documents to go through as a group.

Revisit ideas to get interest up about Common Root and ways to get a new space and money to sustain it.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin