Common Root Meeting & SMART Aid Committee 1/14/16

In attendance: Andira, Azaria (moderator), Chelsea, Lacey (note-taker), Larry (co-moderator), Ryan and Sammi

Follow ups
-Mike (not in attendance) Tent
-Andira (TV) Lacey and Andira will purchase the old TV for $100 – we reached consensus at the last meeting with additional yes votes on the Organizational Group. Andira is lining up volunteers to take the old TV down and put up the new one.
-Lacey – magnet and key chain supplies are IN! She will do a demo after the meeting.

Food Truck
-Pepe is willing to donate his food truck/trailer to Common Root. Andira took photos and looked over the trailer today and posted them for us to see online. Is there interest in getting a Food Not Bombs chapter going here again. Food Not Bombs is a community support org. that re-purposes food that would otherwise be wasted and gets it to people who need it. It is an educational organization that takes care of people’s basic needs, encouraging feeding people rather than killing (bombing) people.

Chelsea expresses interest in distributing clothing items with this trailer as well. Chelsea wants to hyjankets (hygene products, blankets) and will look for storage options online

Andira says we may want to discuss this with a lawyer before moving forward to be sure we’re aware of the options and any restrictions.

Food Not Bombs often offers pre-prepared food, ready to eat, rather than giving out foods that need to be taken and prepared. Food Net already does this, so Food Not Bombs would ideally meet different needs. We could hold a soup kitchen or 

Sammi asks how we pull it and do we need to insure it (yes)? Also storage costs, vehicle costs, licencing, etc. We have no current plan.

Ryan talked with Pepe about this as well, SP CE and Community Crops, and he’d also like to talk to The Bay, Bike Kitchen – could it be used as a shared resource between different community organizations who could share the expenses. He showed us his amazing drawing of a pickup truck with a garden in the bed that could pull the trailer and could be used for skillshares, educational purposes. Someone from the organization it’s insured with could go with the trailer to the events where it’s happening.

Ryan is planning to put together a meeting with at least one organizer from each of these organizations and will let us know.

I’ll go with you – key-chains (lots)
Feminist looks like – key-chain

Mustache (3, 8 and 22) – both

Vegan and Veggie Fridge – Magnets

Key-chain heart bike – 42 – key-chain
36 I heart CR – magnets

MLK – magnet

6 – Rainbow heart – magnet

No KXL – magnets
Recycle Bike – magnets

Trans – key chain and magnet

Trans Flag – CR influence in the backdrop

29 – Ally – key-chain

12 – Switch – magnet

1 – Queer pride – magnet and key-chain

Rainbow bike – both 

Peace with Trans and Rainbow with peace – both

Lacey will make more backings for at least the magnets and we’ll see if they work on the key-chains 

Sammi will make send the ACE design to Lacey to use

-Calendar drafts are passed around and we’ll set tentative committee meetings and adding in other events and such.

-Ryan wants to do Yoga here


SMART (Self Managed Actions by Regional Teams) Aid Committee
This is a template for committees to self-assess and how they will function:
-Naming committees (for now SMART Aid is our working title)
Sammi likes the idea of breaking down the greater committees into different divisions
-Short descriptions of each
Strategic application of community volunteers organizationally and inter-organizationally
we could call volunteers “Contributors” ? – Grassroots organizing, matching volunteers to their interests, Creating channels for volunteer interest at grassroots level
Bring individual interest to community projects/passions – we’re acting as a catalyst
Connecting people’s passions – working for their community
Opportunities for involvement – Opportunity engine
Make community projects visible – Illuminating community opportunities connecting needs with passionate people/ individuals. Light or bright aid – illuminating and aiding. View the best in people. Spotlight on your passions.
-How committees will communicate internally
Monthly subcommittee meetings
Andira suggests Fb communication and would like to learn Google docs
Ryan is looking for dynamic art that could be posted around town to reach out to folks who are interested in volunteering – artistic and informative graphic. Ryan would like to help with this project, we could post online and around town and in our space. We could incorporate our logo / roots. Andira would like for people to be able to log in online and type your area of interest and you’ll be connected directly to all available community resources. Can connect folks with organizations already doing what their interest is in, even if it isn’t happening at Common Root.
Sammi suggests title changing “Physical workspace interaction” to “education and enrichment” – this is a popular revision. Also suggests changing Direct Community Outreach” to “Community Service and Outreach”
How about the name “Action” committee but Andira really likes keeping the word Aid. Action = doing, making events happen – coordination and organization. Azaria feels that Support/Social Committee needs to be in both, but it’s possible people might not want to be part of both. Action sounds proactive – “Satis-action”
-List responsibilities

Andira explains her flow chart – her idea of how SMART Aid works inter-organizationally and she talked through the chart and asks for questions and suggestions.

Skillshare Database will list specific individual volunteers and their area(s) of interest.
Support / Social Committee is a primary committee, like SMART Aid

Set agenda for the next meeting:
All set for Annual Member Meeting?
Tent – Mike
TV – Andira
Finalize Feb calendar and March calendar updates
Quarterly or yearly calendar – google docs

BORING – Keyholder responsibilities
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin