Common Root Meeting & SMART Aid Committee 3/3/16

Attending is Ben (moderator) Sammi Jo (Co-moderator), Larry (recording),
Andira, Scott, Tammi, & Chelsea.

April Calender Draft, handed around. 

Volunteer draft, Sammi suggested more room for the Full name. Possibly put the description below the line instead of above. Also asking if the volunteer is using it to fullfill a “GoPo” or other class requirement. Possibly use both sides to give more room, with some indication to turn over. Also needed an oxford comma.

Camera update for Social Media content creation. Especially for youtube type content. Chelsea is happy for us to use it but she would like to retain ownership. This camera gets very good reviews from youtube content providers. It also can transfer pictures and video to smart phones via wifi. Question came up about liability and or replacement in case of accident. We need to talk to our insurance person to find out if the camera on loan to us would be covered in case of an accident. Chelsea would keep the camera at home usually and bring it for any function where it will be needed. 

Treasury update from Andira: We have $40 more dollars cash than before and just paid $500 rent for March. 

Brainstorm volunteer tasks to post online at Volunteer Partners/ Volunteer match.
Earth Day planning and prep.
Posting calenders around town.
Setup and teardown for skill-shares and Free Saturdays and other events.
Video editing. Videographer.
Speakers (educational and arts)? Coordinators.
Volunteers to initiate new activities.
Volunteer Recruitment.
Poetry coordinator for FFP.
Pro Bono Legal opportunities.
Volunteers to write grant requests. Needing experience.
Volunteers with construction/maintenance experience.
Seek Advetise for spaces we could own.
Community Clean-up Projects (long-terms)

Andira pointed out, we need better promotion. We need more people to share events in advance and invite people to get better turnouts for various events. (Game night and open hours have had diminishing attendence.)
Membership drive?
Sammi suggested we need to make pads for the hard metal chairs in the center.
Andira mentioned that having people register for skillshares instead of just inviting.
Chelsea thought the GoPo students might be a good source for videographers.
Ben will keep lookout for possible new space in his part of town. 

Passed around the volunteer sheet for Earthday. 

Agenda items for next meeting
-update on Staples Grant
-claim a month for organizing either a skill-share or discussion.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin