Common Root Meeting & Porchfest LNK 4/7/16

Present: Ben, Andira, Larry, Azaria, Shea, Jazz, Bob, Scott, Maya.

–Lincoln Unites (Bob)
Appears increasingly unlikely to have a booth or table at the April 30th festival at 13th & P Street area. Bob would like all CR members, family & friends,to meet at 9:45am at 13th & P under the CR banner to participate in the Walk of Unity through downtown. Still need to resolve pole/banner issue.

–Timebank (Larry)
Free culture skill-sharing. Thru SP CE Commons everyone puts name in a hat (so to speak) listing your particular skill or job willing to perform for another person. Get credit hours in time to use in asking others to perform their skill for you when you perform task/skill for another. Hoping for a bank of 70-80 people. Possibly receive 2-5 hours of time credit just for signing up initially. 

–Porchfest (Maya)
Maya again gave an overview of this neighborhood music & art festival which would feature live music from people’s front porches, and would be the first Porchfest for Lincoln. Primarily acoustic music with possible electric bands spread more thinly. Maya is currently working on festival permit with city.
After discussion Common Root voted to approve CR being an official sponsor/participant in Porchfest and act as donation hub with 20% of donations received by CR, for Porchfest, being retained by CR.
7 ‘yes’ votes
2 ‘abstentions’
Bob would like to host a Porchfest fundraiser at CR in near future. Something like a 2 hour ‘social hour’ with video playing of Porchfests in other communities, have a large donation jar, and just informally talk about Porchfest with any who come. Will continue to get Maya’s feedback and time availability for this.
Maya is in need of possible graphic design assistance to create an ‘official’ Porchfest graphic. Maya shared current posters/handouts with group. Maya is scheduled to be interviewed by Daily Nebraskan on 4-8-16 about Porchfest.

–LGBTQIA – (Shea)
Due to low numbers of participants the April LGBTQIA Support Circle at CR will probably be Shea’s last, as she feels her energies might be better spent in other ways. She still wants to continue with the LGBTQIA Discussion Group at CR, possibly as often a twice a month.

*Earth Day (15 minutes)
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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