Common Root & BORING Committee Meeting 5/12/16

In attendance: Jazz (co-moderator), Larry, Andira, Bob, Ben, Samantha (All State Volunteer Rep), Mike (moderator), Heather, Lacey (note-taker), Chelsea and sometimes Cei.

IOU from Bob $3 – CR Porchfest Buttons
$12.50 – CR for So What Buttons

$5 for PorchfestLNK (pre-FUNdraiser button sale)

Laptop & Slideshow – testing (we’ll do this after the meeting)

-Insurance for FFP and Porchfest – Andira has contacted Carri (sp?) at All State to look into insurance. Samantha is here to represent and be a contact person to offer volunteers from All State for our large events. Lacey can email Samantha with details about Porchfest and Fall For Pride. She’s getting married on Aug 7, but she can pass this along to the other volunteer committee.

John Foreman – Agent – office on O Street and he might be able to help us out. Samantha recommends him highly. Cei suggests making sure our event insurace covers minors – waivers?

-Update on Devine Design Waiver – We are not requesting a waiver, so she should provide us with a waiver. We can look it over if she provides one. 

-Google Docs – Carra has her own hotspot – she needs at least one other person to bring a laptop. Lacey volunteers to do this. Lacey suggests scheduling this on the June 9th BORING committee meeting night. Mike will ask Carra if she’s free.

-Coordination Chart – Andira shows off the prior coordination chart. Asks whose not familiar and explains the chart. Lacey suggests that, after we’re trained on google docs, perhaps we can transfer data to Google docs spreadsheet that everyone can have access to, edit, etc.

-Mobile Website- Tabling until the next CR meeting (June 2) OR online 

-GoPo Update- Government & Politics – mandatory volunteer hours – Jazz offering to recruit their peers. Asks for a flyer to be created for this purpose.
Lacey can create a flyer – it should explain: what is Common Root, what do we do and how do we want ppl to help. Jazz will send Lacey the details to put about GoPo to include on the flyer.

-CR Zine – Issue #9 looking for poetry, art, essays, etc. on the topic of Mental Health. Ben will put a call out a call for submissions on Fb. a good place to find and poets who may like to submit to the zine.

-Grant writing updates – Lacey’s grant through Lincoln Community Foundation was denied.  They were very encouraging in their denial letter, however, so she will try again during the next cycle. Lacey shares her Letter of Inquiry with the group.

No word from Staples on our grant application for months.

Bob has started looking into other grant opportunities.
Dollar General – they give out grants. You must have a Dollar General store in your city (we do). Sounds like Dollar General’s grant would go along with the mission of Free Saturday. Sounds like the financial sky’s the limit, and this application looks easier to fill out than most we’ve run into. – has tutorial videos, you can download grant software. Bob is going to start watching those videos. Health & Human Services also has grants.

-We are on this website? Possibly? – Lincoln Preserves! Thanks for the info, Samantha

Agenda for the next Fall For Pride Planning Meeting:
— Followup on Sam (sound equip. volunteer) (10m) Spencer & Heather (who also has sound equip)
— Followup American Red Cross (2m) Andira
— Followup – downpayment AAA rents (1m) Lacey
— Followup – Recycle Bin Sponsors (10m) Lacey & Andira
— Look over online FFP form (15m) All
— Insurance coverage for next month (5m) Andira

Additional stuff:
FFP Sound Equip – We LOVE Heather!!! We also love Chelsea!
-Ask Spencer at the next meeting the specifics on Heahter’s sound equip. Heather will bring pics.
-American Red Cross – Amanda has a contact for Andira

Also, Trans Youth Group – Jazz would be interested in having a (not hardcore-lol) discussion group here to test the waters.

Larry will help at the G2LD Day – 11am-1pm booth – tower square – coordinating setup time with Andira.

Jazz would be interested in being a key holder. We should discuss this online/vote at the June 2nd meeting, perhaps?

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin