Common Root & BORING Committee Meeting 4/14/16

Andira, Lacey, Tammy, Bob, Sammi Jo, Chelsea, Larry
Tammy Moderated, Lacey Co-moderated, Larry recorded.
May Calender draft, (1m) Lacey
Lincoln Unites Booth (10m) Bob
Lincoln Earth Day (10m) Lacey
Volunteer (10m)
G2LD Collaboration (10m) Andira
2015 Taxes – Fill out online (20m) All
Set Agenda FFP meeting All. 

Bob talked about the details of having a booth for Lincoln Unites. We are set to have a booth, from Noon to 3:00 PM. Banner for the walk at 10 AM. Possibly have a high school student volunteer to help out. We’ll also have bookmarks to hand out for Little Free Libraries. Calendars for $3 or 2 for $5.

Lincoln Earth Day Saturday after next. We seem to have enough volunteers to cover the booth at Earth Day, plus outreach. Lacey has developed new forms for new volunteers plus flyers for Porchfest. Yah Lacey. We will be selling buttons and magnets and water bottles & calendars and talking to people about our organization. 

There were none of our new Volunteers at the meeting. 

Give to Lincoln Day May 26th, (No Meeting) They want to have an event on G2LD. We could have a space there, but need to kick in money for h’ors d’eourves ($100 or less). It’s on our Meeting night but could expose us to generous donors. We would like to include as many other organizations there, but may not be able to if they are not 402 c3 non-profits.
VOTE: Passed with consensus.


2015 Taxes Done online Some issue with the IRS form, but since we made less than $50,000 it was quick & easy. 

Lacey will look up notes from last fall for pride meeting to use next agenda that we made then.

Everyone else is supposed to bring ideas/contacts from bands that we want to invite to come play. Also we will need to decide if we want to accept sponsors for advertising on (for instance) the recycling bins.

Andira mentioned possibly picking up some new people from Outlink when they leave the board over there. 

Also discussion about getting a paypal link set up for donations we would collect for Porchfest. Contacting Toby about the web site management. 

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin