Common Root & BORING Committee Meeting 3/10/16

Andira, Azaria, Bob, Jazz, Lacey (note-taker), Larry (moderator), Tammy, Scott (co-moderator)


O Street and Antelope Valley Suite 111 (18th and O) Azaria suggests looking at this and the old Burger King on Hwy 2
– Next Door Space – Main area is larger than we have, but square feet is about 100 sq feet less. Sounds like we aren’t interested enough to persue this.
– Staples Grant Update – No update

Calendar draft – passed it around and Scott and Tammy volunteer to hang them at Open Harvest and Bodhi and Meadowlark

Outlinc magnet order – they would like to order 250 magnets, new logo and they will give us two months notice and a new logo for them. Folks are interested in the idea of collaborating and possibly sharing a space with Outlinc if they would be interested.

Keyholder Nomination – Bob was officially voted in as a Common Root Key Holder, unanomusly

$2818.89 = current treasury

Thank You card and Volunteer Form – reminders for Lacey (to-do this week)


– Volunteer, Jazz, is interested in countering and will be helping at Earth Day and Free Saturday

G2LD Registration – Lacey will sign up. Vote passed unamiously.

Claim a month for organizing a skillshare or discussion –
July – Larry – (TBD)
April – Bob – Speaker – Dreams and how they can help with your life
August – Lacey (Self-publishing repeat)
June – Azaria (TBD)

Lacey will post on the organizing group to see if folks want to fill in open months.

Taxes – 990 N form (electronic only) due May 15th – we’ll plan to do this at the BORING committee meeting in April

Set agenda for the next meeting
–South Lincoln Space (5m) Ben
– Thank you card for Mike (5m)
• Keyholder official stuff for Bob
• Setup FFP timeline (30m) Lacey

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin