Common Root & BORING Committee Meeting 1/7/16

In attendance: Andira, Chelsea (moderator), Lacey (co-moderator), Larry (note-taker), Mike & Shea.

Keyholder things. Keys to Larry J.
Keyholder handbook online has been updated by Lacey.

February Calender. Thank you note for Hargesheimers (annual 50 donation.)
Calenders & January Calenders going out to people that donated on Giving Day.

Magnets. Discussed how many to order, voted in favor of ordering 500 Magnets for $89.95.
Lacey will order them.

Annual Member Mtg. Last Thursday of January. Need to install the new TV, get rid of the old TV.
Will attempt to get agreement on selling the old Tv to Andira & Lacey. Also need to get the back room cleaned out. 

Chelsea offered to donate $40 to get 100 keychains to at least try to see how they do. Voted in favor to try out 100 keychains. 

Staples Grant.
Figuring out annual income and expenses for 2015.
Want to get larger space to enable us to have larger and more frequent skill-shares.
Looks like we have much higher Operational costs than specific Project/Event/Educational costs.
We spent much time itemizing the approximate costs of skill-shares over the last year and projected expenses for planned/hoped for new projects for the future. Also things like providing internet access and computers and equipment for more technical classes.
The group was able to get good answers for the Grant request. 

Set Agenda for next week.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin