BORING Committee Meeting 1/15/15

In attendance: Ailyne (co-moderator), Andira (Note-taker), Azaria, Barbara, Jen, Josslyn, Lacey, Marcus & Matthew
At our last meeting: Chelsea was moderator, Lacey was co-moderator and Mary Beth was note-taker. 

-Sewing Machine needs bobbins – Ailyne has bobbins and she can bring them.

WiFi Update
-Not this time. Barbara will check for the next meeting.

February Calendar
-Consent event – 2 PM on the 7th 2-4 PM
-Native American Women – 2-4 PM

January – Member meeting
Moderator – Andira – role – intereactive though-provoking excersize (social justice community interests), focus on new ideas/suggestions from members, 2015 priorities
Co Moderator – Marcus
Note Taker – Lacey

-Lacey has a new version

Lincoln Writing Institute
-3 years ago, takes writing center model and brings it to the community in multiple locations
–establishes needs to help people, depending on their literacy needs
-Ideas – help people with resmues
-Resume paper, laptop computers
-Talk to Education Quest – they go to high schools to help kids make it to collage
-Perhaps the event in March
-Adam would likely be the site coordinator –
-Need to determine exact audience that is served

Keyholder nomination, Chelsea – unanimously approved

Business cards – ordering 1000 or more from Vistaprint for under $35.90

Emergency preparedness discussion – Jan. 22?
-Start with more general?
-Have interested people take initiative, Ben, Sammi?
-In a Library for accessablity?
-Lacey will pass this along

-$100 for Lacy’s design work
-$1 Julia
-$10 Ailyne dues
-$25 Marcus
-$5 Chealsea
-$25 Lacey

Andira is setting up auto pay

Lacey has administrative power

Button prices
-Free design worl for non-profits
-$.50 for non-profits

Next week:
– Fundraising for 2015
-Vegan Bake Sale + Vegan Soap

We are meeting next week at 6 PM for potluck and starting the Sequel meeting at 6:30 PM.


Lacey Losh

I forgot to include this above:

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin