Annual Member Meeting 1/29/15

Andira (moderator), Ailyne, Chelsea, Marcus (co-moderator), Mike, Jen, Bob, Donna, Tammy, Scott, Azaria, Barbara, Sammi, Ben, Grant, Lacey (note-taker), Lynnette, Kylie, Jonathan & Roger

Intros & ice-breaker
Community interets of those present:
-Equality Press Publishing, Friends of Wilderness Park Planning Committee, Skillshares in gardening and making your own things, ESL at SCC, Slam Poetry, Intentional community, free food distrubution, higher education, Consent event, art, eduation for all, DIY, youth and life skills education, Community Support Circles, Mental Health therapist, LGBT+ therapy, mental health activism, Little Free Libraries, poetry, bake sales, Occupy, Occupy Your Mind performance, building, environmental and animal equality issues, interviews with people in our community, our zine, Free Saturdays, Photography, safe community, repair cafe, OnlyForTheFly, education, design, NoKXL

CR history
-Andira spoke about a brief history of Common Root, it’s roots in the LUNk Collective.
-Azaria read our current mission statement
-Lacey will make a sign with out mission statement
-All our volunteers help and there are no leaders at Common Root


Brainstorming for 2015
-Community garden, possilby a Community Crops plot for skillshares out in the community
-Possibly help from the Occupy folks who wanted to get an Occupy Garden, greenhouses and compost heap, Free Saturdays we could give away transplants, compost
-Common Root could adopt part of the trail, or a park, Barbara, Kylie, Bob and Lacey are interested, Kylie would be willing to donate $$ toward that project
-Meditation skillshare?
-Yoga classes, maybe in the evenings, weekly or bi-weekly
-Basic language class, sign language, conversational French “Pardon My French”
-Healthy living/eating/losing weight – online presence (maybe a Facebook group), we could also do things here at the space, skillshares prepping food, support, basic cooking skills, but be careful to not be exclusionary to those who have different dietary lifestyles, be sure we’re clear that we aren’t dieticians “healthier living” – ties in with the community garden.
-Book club, quarterly, Kylie would be interested in facilitating
-Azaria likes the idea of having people reading books aloud
-Science Cafes either here or at a coffee shop “Sunday Science”
-Writing parties!!
-Standing Bear Conference, Barbara would like to attend this, and represent Common Root and get volunteers to take other shifts at this conference
-Get a table at Get Rec’d and Marcus is working on T-shirts
-Open hours – 2 hours for LFL stewards and/or the public to swap books, Bob would facilitate Lacey could keyhold – CR could have a presence
-Public speaking in schools represent CR, talk about GoPo Hours, other topics, recycling, not drinking and driving, LGBT groups, Pride Prom chaparones, reaching out to peeps who might not know about us and get more youth interest
-Political documentary night once a month, maybe a Saturday or Sunday or even fictional films with a political themes, or even about music, art, inspiration, sustainability perhaps Science Sunday could show documentaries specific on science topics
-Craigslist activites bar, we could post events there
-Mental health awareness, special focus on trama and awareness to sensativity training, perhaps a presentation with q & a
-YouTube channel

Took a series of group photo s

-Firespring announcement – we are runners up in their non-profit contest from Firespring, Cornerstone and Nonprofit Hub

-We love Chelsea!

Treasury update
-$3124.86 before Feb. rent is paid

Other business
-Sammi suggests being aware of eating loud food like chips in bags, using another container for things like chips, Ailyne suggests maybe designated the back room as a place for eating noisy foods 

Next week’s agenda:
-Public speaking group
-Applying for grants

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin