501(c)(3) Committee Meeting Minutes 3/25/14

* Andi, Barbara, Roger, Toby (note-taker)

1. Review of what needs to be done by Barb

2. Event review

We need a history of events that Common Root has undertaken. Toby and Bernie need to coordinate to not duplicate efforts.

3. Articles of Incorporation

* Address change (I)

* Registered agent (I)

* Membership, do we really have them (V)

* Lists of Directors and Incorporators (V & VIII) —What are we supposed to do?

* More specific dissolution and fix sentence (VII)

4. Next steps

* Classify income and expenses (for 4 years?)

* List activities undertaken (for 4 years?)

* Propose revised Articles of Incorporation for Thursday


Toby Bartels

Of course, the date was actually March 24 (Monday).

Common Root Admin